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“Pic of the Week”, August 14, 2015: Bison, Old Faithful Inn

46 Buffalo, Old Faithful Inn 07-2015 (60)

My wife and I recently spent our 30th wedding anniversary at Yellowstone National Park.  We stayed at the historic Old Faithful Inn and loved exploring the amazing and extensive geothermal sites of the area.  One of the most appealing natural features of Yellowstone is its wildlife.  We saw elk, deer, and herds of bison roaming freely.

Most every day we found this lone bison grazing near our parked car, enjoying the fresh grass and clover.  He seems gentle, but was very aware of our presence.  Bison can be extremely dangerous and have injured and even killed many tourists.  Be cautious around them and give them plenty of room.  Let your telephoto lens get you close, as mine did.  They are magnificent creatures!

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