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Gasoline Alley, Calgary: The Cars and Trucks


Besides its extensive collection of antique gasoline pumps and signs, Calgary’s Gasoline Alley museum has a fascinating assortment of cars and trucks!  Many of these are unique, at least in my experience, as they were mostly collected from vehicles driven in Alberta.  As such, you’ll see more trucks than at most car museums because trucks were (and still are) very important to Alberta’s economy.

What follows are several galleries of photos of my favorite vehicles in Gasoline Alley’s collection — far from everything!  For the sake of organization and no other reason, I’ve divided them by year of manufacturing, the oldest first with newer vehicles to follow.  I could just as easily have divided them by brand, trucks versus cars, etc.

The older I get, the more I enjoy studying old vehicles.  They are beautiful — works of moving art.  “They just don’t build them like that anymore” seems an appropriate observation.  I hope you like this tour of Alberta’s automotive history!

(Click on thumbnails to enlarge, then right arrow to advance the slideshow)

Cars from 1907 to 1917

Cars from 1918 to 1928


Cars from 1931 to 1945

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