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“Pic of the Week”, October 3, 2014: Beaver House, Grand Marais, Minnesota


I love exploring small towns and places off the main road.  Grand Marais, Minnesota, on the northwest shore of Lake Superior, fits the bill perfectly.  Any visit to Grand Marais has to start at the local donut shop, “World’s Best Donuts” (that’s really its name and they’re really that good).  Fortified with coffee and a six-pack of donuts, you’re ready to start exploring the town.  It’s hard to miss our highlighted destination, known as the Beaver House.

You’ll recognize the Beaver House by the a monstrous walleye sticking out of its walls.  The walleye was created by a local artist 20+ years ago and is surrounded by colorful murals of outdoor scenes, as well as a panel of beaver art.  The store was originally opened as a shoe repair and clothing business, but the owners enjoyed making fishing lures and soon found these attracted customers more than the clothing did.  It has been a bait and tackle shop since the 1960s but the original owners recently came on hard times and I believe it has new ownership.  The Beaver House is not only a fishing supply store, but also sells antiques and novelty items —  in other words, a tourist trap!

Visit Grand Marais, enjoy some of the World’s best donuts and visit the Beaver House.  America at its finest!

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