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“Pic of the Week”. May 9, 2014. Baobob Trees, Botswana

2014 19a May 9b  Baobob tree, Botswana

One of the iconic symbols of Africa is the baobob tree (although a species of it also grows in Australia).   Shaped somewhat like a bottle, with a broad trunk and sharply narrowed top, the trees can reach up to 30 meters (100′) in height and can hold lots of water — a distinctive advantage in the dry season.  They are said to be long-lived, perhaps even thousands of years old if left undisturbed (although they are not that well studied and rarely survive to old age in continental Africa).  Baobob trees have a short leaf season and most often you’ll see the trees without any leaves.

It’s a bit of a thrill to see these trees, not unlike seeing a giant sequoia or massive old oak tree.  What surprised us was how popular these trees are with elephants.  Elephants will frequently eat them, sometimes just taking out large chunks of the trunk as you see in these photos (usually leaving the tree alive), and at other times a herd can push down and completely eat an entire tree — no leftovers!

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