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“Pic of the Week”. June 28, 2013. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

2013-026a-June 28

It’s very easy not to visit Luxembourg.  Not much large than a postage stamp on most maps, with a population of only a half million, the Grand Duchy quickly slides by on your rail or road-trip through the larger countries between which it’s sandwiched, namely France, Germany and Belgium.

We tacked on a brief visit to Luxembourg while in Europe, en route from France to Belgium, and were pleasantly surprised by the what a great place this was!  Luxembourg City is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its historic core and the extensive remains of its fortifications (at one time it was one of Europe’s fortress strongholds), so this is where we focused our time.  It’s a wonderful green city in which to walk and explore or just sit at a cafe and people watch.  Nice folks, great food, a millennium’s worth of history and a pleasant pace of life.  What more could you ask from a European destination?

This week’s photos highlight portions of the fortified wall as well as of some of the  older buildings of the city.

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