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“Pic of the Week”. January 25, 2013. Maasai tribe, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

2013-004-January 25 (2)

The Maasai are a distinguished tribe residing in eastern Africa (Tanzania and Kenya).  Tall, with handsome features, Maasai people can often be recognized at a distance by their brightly colored (mostly red) garments.   They are herders, raising cattle, and have a semi-nomadic life.

While on safari in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, we spent an hour visiting a Maasai village near the Olduvai Gorge.  We were invited into their homes and treated with kindness.  The village consisted of a series of small huts constructed of sticks and cow dung, surrounded by a tall thorny fence — a rather primitive and dismal place.  Still, they seemed quite content.  A highlight of our visit was when the Massai entertained us.  The men did so by jumping as high as they could (which as you can see from the photo is impressively high), while the brilliantly clad women sang for us, as depicted in the second photo.  I wish I’d had video to record the sound, but love the bright colors and will always have fond memories of this visit.

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